High Status Alpha Male Boxer Briefs

Troy Luxor was conceived from a Dream!!
And brought to be A manifestation by Action!!
Troy Luxor Represents Power, Strength and Victory!! Troy - from the great City of Greece / Luxor - from the powerful City of Egypt, together forms the brand of Troy Luxor fitness wear. It is infused with richness and vision. The brand was designed to bring out your true power, strength and victory for empowerment to change.

When you clothe yourself in Troy Luxor apparel you are putting on a History of Power, Strength and Victory. Through faith and believing you can over come obstacles and distractions.

Troy Luxor is a brand that you can Identify with as a true overcomer. A person with deep inner strength to push through pain and trials. Troy Luxor empowers you to step up and change the game.

Through physical workouts, mental strength and spiritual well-being, you will be the VICTORIOUS one. Ephesians 3:20

The Hustle is real But the Grind is a Beast💯

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